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Amy Graham

I have been a CrossFit Coach since June 2019.  Before becoming a coach I was involved in CrossFit for three years.  I have been an athlete and coach all my life.  In high school, I ran track, played basketball, and volleyball.

In college, I played lacrosse and rugby and became a player-coach for both college sports.  During college, I got my coaching minor and when I graduated and became a teacher and I started coaching basketball and track.  


Starting a family made it harder for my husband and I to both follow our coaching passions so I stopped coaching high school sports and only coached elementary sports.   I continued to work out and play rugby and basketball .


Then my husband and I found CrossFit in 2015.  My love for team sports and being a part of a community made CrossFit the perfect fit.  Even though you are not on a team the comradery of the gym community is very much like any team sport.  Coaching is a love of mine and now I can follow my coaching passion with a group of people that I love and enjoy being with. 



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