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Britt Lueck

CrossFit Level 1 Trainer

I started my fitness journey in 2016. I’m a wife, a mom and I’m passionate about teaching functional fitness and nutrition. 


I found CrossFit in 2019. It only took one class to hook me for life. I am avid outdoor enthusiast and I train for hunting season. CrossFit is the ultimate functional fitness program that helps me prepare for each season. 


My favorite part of CrossFit is the community you join the first day you step into a box. Unlike a traditional gym, you build a family from day one. Often times, the first person finished is cheering on the last person. I’ve never felt so supported in my health and fitness goals until I found the CrossFit community. 


I became a CrossFit Level 1 Trainer in July of 2020. I am always looking to learn more about health and wellness. I will be working towards becoming a prenatal and postpartum coach along with continuing my education through CrossFit courses and nutrition. 

I’d love to nerd out about nutrition with you or throw down some weights - drop in to the box and say hey!

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