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Rob Southards


2011 Black Hills CrossFit Competition Series I - 1st Place

2011 Ellsworth Powerlifting Meet - 1st Place

2012 Fittest of the Falls (Sioux Falls, SD) - 5th Place team

2012 Ellsworth Powerlifting Meet - 2nd Place

2012 Black Hills CrossFit Competition Series II - 2nd Place Team

2013 Wyoming Affiliate Cup - 1st Place Team

2014 Camel Throwdown (UAE) - 5th Place

2014 King of the Gym I (UAE) - 1st Place

2014 King of the Gym II (UAE) - 2nd Place
2015 Asia Championships Central Sectionals (Hong Kong) - 8th Place

2016 Hachinohe Weightlifting 77kg - 1st Place


Favorite WOD:  Linda, 30 Muscle Ups, Amanda

Favorite Movement/Lift:  Anything with Squats, Muscle Ups, Thrusters

Least Favorite:  Hang Cleans, DT


If I'm not at the gym, I might be doing this... Besides Work; Eating Food, Staying Active, Having fun with the Family.


Hobbies/Activities:  BBQ more food, Snowboarding, Skateboarding, Soccer, Hiking, Mountain Biking, Looking for Donuts.

Hometown:  Selah, Washington (Home of TreeTop Apple Juice!)

Nicknames:  Hulk


More About Me:

I started CrossFit while deployed to Kyrgyzstan.  Another guy there thought I would enjoy it and got me to try it.  My fitness strengths at that time were backsquats and long metcons.  After watching this guy do rope climbs and bar muscle ups, I gave it a try.  After failure, I realized how hard gymnastics movements were (rope climbs and bar muscle ups), and I pushed to achieve this new challenge.  A few months later, I was capable of doing bar muscle ups in workouts and was having so much fun.  Most importantly (for me) it changed my perception of programming and nutrition.  I began to soak in all the knowledge on the CrossFit Journal and continued to learn more everyday.  Once I redeployed back to the states, I joined an off-base CrossFit gym and never looked back.  Starting CrossFit was one of the best decisions in my life.  CrossFit soon became more than just working out for me; it became a community and lifestyle.  

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