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Robin ACe

My Career as a Firefighter/EMT and the love of fitness lead me to find CrossFit.I loved the way my new found "Functional" Fitness program helped me to perform helped me to perform better as a Firefighter and handle the rigors that job entails.  I earned my Level 1 Crossfit Certificate in the summer of 20__ and started training others . I have always  had a passion for helping people and had plenty  opportunities as a Firefighter to help the sick and injured.  Being a CrossFit coach has given me a new opportunity to not only help the sick and unhealthy, but to be on the preventative side of the spectrum as well.  Establishing good habits through fitness and nutrition and helping people to reach their potential inside and outside the gym is always my mission here at Mat-Su Crossfit I look forward to helping, and training side by side with  you in whatever your  fitness goals  may be.. 

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